I have a small garden, will you still come to me?



I had a lot of fence panels blow down in the storms, will you just come to replace these as a one-off job?



I work full time, do I have to be in when you arrive?






I'm thinking of having my decking cleaned by yourself.  Do I need to provide anything for you?




I am wanting to have a new border created in my garden.  Can you advise me on the best plants to use?


We have been qualified horticultralists for over 20 years and our love is plants and creating the balanced final display.  
We would start by going through a thorough consultation to find out your likes/dislikes, the nature of the area
and the budget to play with, we will then spend time creating the perfect look for your garden to subtly
blend with the current plants and features.


Here to help


We hope these will answer some questions you may have, however please feel free to ask us any questions you may have at the time of consultation.

Yes!  No matter what the size of your plot is, it is still just as important to each individual and to us.

Yes!  Not only do we offer continual routine maintenance we also cater for ad-hoc jobs.  

No.  As long as we have access to the garden areas of the grounds that are needed to carry out the work, 

As long as we have access to electricity and an outside tap we can carry out the work.